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2017 Richard Huffman


I've been a writer for more than a decade, publishing as part of my employment obligations and through free-lance efforts. Here are a few samples of my writing.


introduction chapter of the gun speaks

I am currently writing the definitive account of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, the radical terrorists who tried to destroy West German and America in the 1970s. Read the introduction chapter.

let us now praise famous film failures

A free-lance profile of two filmmakers who shot for the stars, and failed. Read the article.

seattle P-I edtiorial

This 2004 op-ed column about a proposed development next to a Great Blue Heron Heronry in Renton, Washington, was written by me and published under the byline of Matt Mega, my co-worker at Seattle Audubon. Read the op-ed column.

analysis of media ownership

This piece was written for a public policy journal in 1997. It describes how corporate media giants had subverted democracy in their merger frenzy. Read the piece in full.


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